About us

Gyanoday Niketan with a vision to impart quality education in the hills.

Who We Are

It all started in the month of September 1988 that my wife and I established Gyanoday Niketan with a vision to impart quality education in the hills.It’s  been almost 25 years of Gyanoday’s existence and I feel so proud to be a part of the wonderful institution. This mission could not have been accomplished without the  untiring help of the dedicated teachers.Their effort needs to be commended.The year 2012 went off just awesome for Gyanoday. We were again the champion school in the hills for the second time.This credit goes to the dedicated teachers and very passionate students. I must also take this opportunity to thank the parents who have been so cooperative with us.The ICSE board  results have been exceptional every year. especially so many of them securing above 90%.In the year 2013  Gyanoday will be celebration its Silver Jubilee year and I hope Gyanoday bring more laurels in the Silver Jubilee year. I also hope and pray that Gyanoday scales the height of glory and may your  alumni multiply-shine. O! shine Oh Gyanoday!


What We Stand For

We live together for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, so we spend a lot of time together. We do our best to make this a place where students can flourish, so they are happy and get along with each other  easily.

We only hire teachers  that add value to the School. 

You can see right through us!

Our Team


Our Director
Dhiresh Thapa is the founder of Gyanoday Niketan