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Application for admission is to be submitted on the prescribed admission form and submitted by the last week of November at the latest. Completed forms should be accompanied by non-refundable registration fee, Photostat copy of birth certificate and two passport size photographs of the candidate.

Entrance tests are held on the first Sunday of December. The authorities reserve the right to admission without assigning any reason. The application form and prospectus are obtainable from the school on demand and payment. The same form will be used by both Day scholars and Boarders.

After the admission is confirmed, the parent will be asked to deposit refundable security deposit (please see “Fees and other charges”) This will remain in the school throughout the students’ career and will be refunded when he/she leaves, provided that all bills on his account have been paid in full.

Security Deposit will not be refunded if the boy/girl for any reason fails to join school or leaves within the first year of admission.

Admission will be allowed only if a transfer certificate and birth certificate is submitted.

  1. The list of selected candidates will be put up on the Notice Board at the Administrative Office.
  2. Fee slip will be issued to parents / guardian of selected candidates.
  3. The admission procedure will be intimated to the parents of the selected candidates along with fees slip. It is mandatory for both parents to be present to complete various admission formalities.
  4. For students seeking admission in Class I onwards, it is mandatory to submit Transfer Certificate (Original) from the last school attended.
  5. Fees, once paid at the time of admission, are not refundable in any case except the caution money (refundable) in case of withdrawal.
  6. The management reserves the right to have the last word in all matters relating to admission easily.
If the child is 3 +
as on 30th March 2021
If the child is 4 +
as on 30th March 2021
If the child is 5 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class I
If the child is 6 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class II*
If the child is 7 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class III*
If the child is 8 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class IV*
If the child is 9 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class V*
If the child is 10 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class VI*
If the child is 11 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class VII*
If the child is 12 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class VIII*
If the child is 13 +
as on 30th March 2021
Class IX*
If the child is 14 +
as on 30th Sept 2021
Class X*
If the child is 15 +
  1. Visitors other than immediate relations wishing to see any boarding student must have express leave from the parents. This must be given in writing to the Principal or the Hostel Superintendent. At no time are students allowed to be called to the telephone.
  2. Boarders are not allowed to visit friends or relatives in town without the express consent of their parents communicated to the Principal or the Hostel Warden.
  3. The authorities reserve, to themselves the right to check the students’ correspondence.
  4. Students are not allowed to have credit accounts with the local firms or restaurants. Money should not be given to the students through the local visitors or local residents. In this regulation, which is intended to teach the students to practice thrift and to appreciate the value of money the co-operation of parents/guardians is of utmost importance.
  5. Books, periodicals, etc for the students may be brought into the school only with permission.
  6. All boarders must write to their parents once a week, usually on Sundays.
  7. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without prior consent. Day scholars must arrive five minutes before classes begin in the morning. Only those Day scholars who have permission to have lunch at home may leave the school premises at noon. Others must bring lunch with them.
  8. Students taking part in games and other co- curricular activities are required to remain back after school on special days.
  9. All students must wear school uniform, as appropriate to the day, when they attend the school. Incorrect and dirty uniform on 3 occasions will result in parents being called to the school.
  10. No story books or magazines are to be brought to school. The library is opened for students to borrow books on days allotted to particular classes.